Google Hummingbird: How Safe Is Your Online Business?

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Google Hummingbird

Not very safe at all…

at least not if you’re still applying those questionable seo tactics from two years ago. The days of gaming the system with manufactured links and half-hearted content are long over – it’s time for the big leagues. Are you ready for the big game?

My advice to anybody at this stage would be simple: Stop nit-picking at all of the little “do’s and don’ts” of seo – and instead, live every day like you’re playing for the Superbowl.

Write the best content possible every time you put the pen to the pad and don’t allow yourself to be involved with questionable link practices. Follow this simple advice and you’ll do fine. You’ll never have to worry about Google Hummingbird, because you’re already applying it’s principals to your content.

Rest assured that there’s going to be various contradictory advice around the web as far as what works and what does not. If you stay focused on providing the best information possible on your product or service – you’ll stay far ahead of the pack.

What We Need To Know About Hummingbird

To understand how to play the “new” game, you’ve got to understand what Google is trying to accomplish. The objective over there has not changed one iota, the only thing that keeps changing is their ability to better accomplish it. Google’s desire has always been to deliver the most relevant search results possible.

They want those results to be full of useful, relevant, and original content – the best of the best. Our job is to provide the most powerful non-duplicate possible.

If you want to win at this game, you’ll have to consistently serve up pages on your site with the most relevant and “useful” content for the user. This new game is more about topics and and “conversational search“, then it is about keywords or phrases.

Keyword phrases ‘alone’ are not what they used to be in the past – now it’s all about user intent. If you truly understand this point, you aren’t one of those absolutely terrified about the increase of the Google Analytics “keyword not provided.”

The new game is simple – we’re playing to deliver the best for our visitors – at all times.

Will Google Declare Any Winners?

Of course there will be winners – the visitors to your website, online business owners, and of course – Google.

Look at it like this, you deliver the best content and then Google delivers the most relevant visitor. If this team effort works out like it’s supposed to, then your visitor Google delivers the visitor to the page on your site that most best answers their search query.

You hopefully end up with somebody interested enough in your product or service to move further into your marketing funnel. Everybody gets what they wanted. Everybody wins.

What’s The Long Term Impact On Search?

The long term impact should be positive for those of us working hard to play by the rules. For far too long spammers have been mucking up our comments with spam and dominating the serps with fraudulent acquired top rankings.

This has led many searchers to land on pages full of ads or even non-relevant pages – due to the keyword phrase dominant algorithm of the past. The conversational search algorithm has already started to shake the ship.

Hummingbird’s long term effects combined with Panda has already cleaned up and improved the search results and should only continue to improve over time. It is debated whether or not the change has even been an improvement, but I’m going say that it has – due primarily to the crying and whining on the forum circuit that we’re hearing from the spammers.

As always, these updates catch some of the innocent in there wake, but unfortunately, we all realize that this is a one of the risks of being online. We definitely don’t want to be one of those whose hard work gets wiped out, so we have to accept the rules of the game and step up.

There is no safety in mediocrity. The only semblance of safety will be found in delivering the best we have.

Can My Online Business Survive All These Google Updates?

Yes it can.

The best of the best will be come out on top. Those who consistently publish great content, split-test for improvement, and apply advanced conversion optimization to improve visitor experience. These are the ones that will not only survive, but also thrive in this exciting environment provided by Hummingbird.

Are you up to the task? Are you excited or scared? This is a great opportunity for you if you’re ready for the excitement and challenge of placing the best you have out there on the web.

If you’re one of the publishers that constantly delivering fresh, valuable content to your readers, then the answer is, “yes”, you’ll be safe from the next Google update.

In fact, you can rest assured that as you keep up all of your great work to faithfully serve your visitors, that not only will you be safe and survive, but that Google will continue to make it possible for you to thrive – just keep delivering that powerful content!

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